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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Planted Money

I worked with new people last night.  They just wanted a maid, which is fine, but they planted 10 and 20 dollar bills in obvious places to see if I would steal it.  Not cool.  I literally came out of a room and said, “there are two ten dollar bills laid out on the floor in the bathroom.  I am not sure if they fell out of someone’s pocket?”  She smirked and said to lay them on her desk.
That’s the oldest trick in the book.  My aunt was a maid for wealthy people when she was alive, and she said some often did this just to test her.  It’s offensive.  It’s like they want you to steal it just so they can rat you out. I’m not looking forward to going back there next Friday.


  1. That is not good. We have almost around the clock care for Mom and would never dream of testing anyone. We did move all of Mom's good jewelry up to my house but not because of them. Mom now hides things then has no clue where she hides them. Right now we are on a search mission for a purse she had for 1 day (and never even used) before it was missing, and a stupid microwavable hot pack that my sister found, put it in Mom's bedroom and now it is missing again. No telling where Mom put it.

    1. Some people with dementia hide their things because they have fears due to their condition and consider that to be saving things for an uncertain future. And yes they do forget where it is which makes things worse.

  2. Maybe they had a bad experience with a former helper? I'm glad you said something about it, though, to let them know that you noticed what they did.

  3. Not cool at all. :-( Unbelievable what some people do.

  4. Rich people think the entire working class is out to get them and steal them blind. That is very offensive. Yuk!