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Friday, February 14, 2020

More home overhaul

Today I went crazy with Mr Clean magick eraser thin sheets in the kitchen. The kitchen had spots EvErYwHeRe that were impossible to get off any other way. The worst spot was the corner where the trash is. I used 2 sheets in that corner. I also wiped off the fridge, dishwasher and oven fronts and sides, the cabinet doors, light switches and door frames and baseboards. All of the magic eraser sheets were dirty, and I eliminated about 8,086 spots.

I also took down the bunk bed in our room and put it in Evita’s new room. I hauled the couch bed into my room from the garage, vacuumed it up and tucked a sheet on top of it. I used to love sleeping on that couch in the old apartment. I also often slept on the hide a bed, but couch form was better for nights with worse depression and anxiety.

I tried to comb Chu with the flea comb, but he used his back legs to scratch the living hell out of my right thigh. I forgot about the scratches when I went to soak in the tub. Oooouuuuuch. Luckily there were no fleas.


  1. I went through two big tubs of Magic Erasers when I was cleaning at the old house!

  2. Wow, you did a lot! Your kitchen must be sparkling! Sorry you got scratched when you tried to flea comb Chu, but glad you didn't find any fleas. Thanks, too, for reminding me to give Dancer his flea prevention meds!

  3. I didn't know magic erasers came in sheets. Good to know.
    It sounds like you are making your house really nice. I'm sure your mother and daughter appreciate that.