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Monday, June 29, 2020

Empowered and Relaxed 😌 💪🏼 💵

I left this morning on my road trip, and the first day was wonderful. I started toward the first destination and worked audit jobs that were all along the way. I did backtrack some, but nothing too crazy. I am now about 100 miles out of Dallas. 
All day, it seemed like an algorithm in the app could tell which direction I was going and bumped up the pay in rural areas that was already higher paying. 
I decided that I’m in love with Dollar General stores. They are all such a mess, but they have wonderful things for cheap. I didn’t buy anything tho!  I have all I need at the moment. It’s just nice to discover such a place with so many great bargains. 


  1. Where do you stay nights? That's what costs most here on road trips, but I sleep in my car.

    1. I stayed last night in a campground. Tonight I have an air B&B reservation.