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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

 I don’t know what to title this post. A ton is going on. Right before I was going to go stay with my boyfriend for a while, he said that he and both his kids and both his parents were sick. They got tested for Covid, and all five of them tested positive. I was tested at the same time. Initially I came back negative, but then they came back and said it was inconclusive. My mom is definitely negative. Wherever they got it from, I was not exposed, because I haven’t seen them for over a month, or almost a month. 

His parents are only mildly ill. My boyfriend and his son are very sick in bed, and his daughter is bouncing off the walls. Does Covid do that to kids?  

My mom kind of suggested that maybe my boyfriend just made the whole thing up in order to keep me from coming over there and staying a while. My mother says things like that. Someone will tell her some information, and she’ll dream up an alternative scenario about “what’s really going on.”  Combine this with the fact that my relationships have always been controversial, and of course she thinks he’s lying. 

It was a combination of her saying this to me and the fact that my boyfriend and his family are positive that put me into a breaking point spiral. I left my mother’s house for good. I cannot go back, and at this point I will not. Right now I’m at Extended Stay America. It’s really nice here. I have a cute little studio with a bed and a couch. My daughter can have a cot when she comes. This is temporary until I decide what I want in a place. There are so many different locations and options that would work for me, that I need to be in peace and solitude while I figure it out. I don’t feel like writing it all out right now all the things I have to consider, but it’s a ton more than I’ve had to consider any other time in my life that I’ve moved. I’m also quarantining because of my inconclusive Covid test. I’m in a very strange place right now mentally and emotionally and don’t know how to put the pieces of my scattered brain together. 


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    1. Anything I can do? Call me if you want. My number is on my nonprofit facebook page. Happy Cat Club.

    2. Thanks! I may call you. How do I addressed you when you answer? Is strayer your real name?

  2. Sending peaceful thoughts your way.