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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Old News Story 📰

I listened to true crime garage episode about the unabomber. I kind of? Remember when they caught him but never knew the details. He was the one that was mailing bombs to people over the course of 18 years. He killed 3 and injured 20-something. He sent a “manifesto” and told the FBI that if it was published in the Washington Post, he wouldn’t do any more terrorism. 🙄 

So they debated whether or not to publish it, because they never want to give in to terrorists, but they did and his own sister in law read it and was like, “Honey? This sounds like your brother.” 😂 

So his own brother turned him in. 

I remember my dad always having these out loud fantasies about getting to turn one of his brothers in for something. He always speculated it like it would be so awesome. Then I realized that this is where it came from. He saw these news stories about the unabomber’s brother and was jealous. 😂 

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  1. I didn't remember how they caught him. That's kind of a little bit funny.