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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Alone Time

 Two days ago, I finally made the decision to block everyone on social media that I’m related to. (And anyone married to anyone I’m related to).  There were no exceptions. At first I was afraid of blocking “the cool ones”. But in reality, information gets around to the toxic family members if the cool family members are in on it. 

My biggest fear about blocking literally everyone was that if someday me and my boyfriend break up, then I won’t have anyone. This isn’t true tho. I have a lot of friends. And it’s not just my boyfriend that the toxic people in my family have a beef with. They don’t like my job, my living situation, the fact that I gave my dad cpr before he died (long story).  It would still be an uphill battle to deal with them. 

Then I realized that social media blocking does absolutely nothing for getting the toxic people out of my life. It does nothing at all. They’re still in contact with my mother, and I have to be in contact with my mom several times a day “or she’ll worry”. Which really gets on my nerves because if I worried that much about something or someone, I feel like there would be a mental health intervention. 

Now that I realized that social media blocking does nothing, I feel horrible because I blocked about 50 “cool family members.” And if I unblock, I’ll have to request connections again and then they’ll know I blocked them. 

Eventually I’ll get to where I want to be mental health wise. 


  1. I think you should tell your mom that you will call to say Hello in the morning and to say Good night and not to worry if she doesn't hear from you during the day because you are busy with work and life. I would certainly understand that if my daughter did that. I don't talk to either daughter every day anymore..although I did when they were younger.

    That is too bad that you have such a toxic family. Very sad...xo Diana

  2. I blocked a bunch of people on social media whom I didn't really know and some were actually just spying to have information then backstab me somewhere else. I had no idea those people were doing that, til finding out from those who they would then contact, to put me down. I didn't even know them well and it brutally shocked me. My life is a lot nicer without them. Social media seems to promote a lot of mean behavior.

    1. Blocking people on social media did nothing except block the cool ones out of my life. My mom is still in touch with a lot of the toxic ones daily. Also I think one of my toxic family members is commenting here under the name “Bobbie” ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป‍♀️.